Containers & the rise of Amazooglesoft

In today’s world of cloud diversity and abundance, it may soon be a little old-school to go to tender for a public cloud provider. Do you choose Amazon Web Services, or Google Compute Engine, or Microsoft Azure, or other provider? Or do you build an Openstack or VMware cloud? As part of the tender process, you carefully craft a complex capability matrix to weed out the differences, you then assess and score each provider according to predefined use cases, and then enter into commercial negotiations based on a committed volume. It’s a safe bet, the homework is done, a decision can be made for the next number of years.

Such was the way of IT. But are we entering a new era of IT, where this method of IT acquisition no longer makes sense? The latest State of the Cloud Report from Rightscale indicates that 82 percent of enterprises have the desire to deploy a multi-cloud strategy.

Imagine if all public clouds (and your private cloud) were accessible via the same open standard or API or customer portal. Imagine if you could deploy a bunch of applications across many public cloud providers via one simple command, all networked as they should be, maximizing the best service components from each cloud provider. And then have the ability to move application or service components from one cloud provider to another cloud provider for scale, performance, or business continuity needs via another simple single command. Taking minutes instead of days or weeks.

It would be the start of something beautiful, let’s call it an “Amazooglesoft” cloud 🙂 – a global cloud infrastructure stretching across many providers, countries, datacenters, servers, services and capabilities…

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