the cloud debate


Wow, are we still debating whether to cloud or not to cloud for IT? I seem to continuously come across a vast array of marketing campaigns out there pushing the ‘why cloud’ message. And not targeted at mums or dads either.

As I talk to service providers, operators and large enterprises around the globe, its pretty clear that the challenge is not whether cloud is the right approach for IT, cloud is now widely accepted as the new default, but rather what cloud strategy to adopt given the diversity of workloads and the importance of data.

Simply put, not ‘why cloud’, but how to achieve the economics of cloud across all workloads without introducing new risk. This seems to be where the real debate is at right now.

How do i go “all in with cloud” AND meet the requirements of regulatory and compliance for the workloads and data of my business & industry.

This then leads into some very cool and important discussions..

  • Public, Private, Hybrid..
  • IAAS, PAAS, Containers..
  • Single vendor, multi vendor..
  • App deployment & orchestration..
  • Security & Governance..

It’s a brave new world of software.. enabled by cloud, mobile, social.. and its changing industries, let’s go!


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