Public Cloud or Private Cloud: an analogy

public or private coffee?
public or private coffee?

The usual morning dilemma: to spend the time & make (and drink) a coffee at home, or grab one from the cafe at the office! Then, the cloud analogy hit… to go “private coffee” or “public coffee”! Go with me on this one… 🙂

– Public coffee: grabbing a coffee at a cafe, paying the $3

– Private coffee: having the beans, the grinder, the espresso machine, the milk and the time/skill to make a coffee at home.

If someone asked me to make a choice of only ever having public coffee or private coffee, I would struggle with the answer.

I like private coffee. Spending time selecting the right beans, ensuring the grind setting is spot on, the machine primed, the perfectly warmed and frothed milk with the mandatory attempt at artistic imagery. It tastes awesome. There is pride in every step of the process. It’s one of the things I look forward to every Sunday morning.

I also like public coffee. The sight and awe of the industrial grade espresso machine, imported from Italy, the special blend roast, the trained barrister and that perfect pour and first sip. There’s an efficiency gained, both in time and quality, ending up with that consistent perfect nectar every time. Not to mention the time to chat or glance at the paper.

So what’s better? In terms of coffee, for me, there’s a time and a place for public coffee and private coffee. The day usually begins with a private coffee, and rapidly evolves into Public coffee for the majority. Public coffee is available everywhere, provides the perfect product, pay for what I consume, and means I can get on with the business of life.

Bringing this rather stretched analogy back to cloud and business, hopefully it helps somewhat. Private cloud is about acquiring equipment, skills, ingredients, and having the time to produce the output. You need to be the expert at cloud in Private cloud. Public cloud is about getting the same wonderfully awesome output (if not better output) in a more efficient and on demand basis. You can focus on the business and let someone else be the expert at cloud. Public cloud is also available anywhere, and in many different forms.

Stretched analogy? Possibly… but hey… I like good coffee, in any form 🙂

this blog first published @ Ninefold on 10/01/2013


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