Government headed toward a Cloud Tipping Point

Government Cloud

How awesome would it be to see the Australian Government ramp up its adoption of public cloud in Australia. There are so many reasons and benefits associated with this, especially when considering the business agility and innovation it would encourage across the country.

There are three things that – in combination – suggest we could be in a unique position to see a tipping point for Government adoption of public cloud in Australia.

  1. Firstly, procurement via DCaaS – Today Ninefold was accepted onto the Federal Government’s Data Centre As A Service Multi Use List (DCaaS MUL). Whilst a rather long acronym, it is a great thing, it means that government agencies can now use the Ninefold public cloud for projects with a budgeted contract value up to $80k. But getting onto the DCaaS supplier list is not the most exciting bit, what’s most exciting is that the Federal Government have made it easier for their agencies to start using Public Cloud services without the usual traditional drawn out procurement process.
  2. Secondly, the National Cloud Computing Strategy was released last month by Communications Minister Stephen Conroy, which, amongst other things, “requires federal agencies to consider cloud services”. Ok, so maybe could have used stronger language and been a bit bolder. But it is encouraging to read the following report, stating that as a result of the new strategy, “Government agencies will move their public-facing websites to the cloud as part of the federal government’s new push to increase the use of cloud computing in both the public and private sectors.” There is a mandate.
  3. And thirdly, the Australian Government CTO John Sheridan this month talked about some very interesting Government procurement statistics in his blog. Two of the statistics stood out as particularly relevant:
    • 71% of Government contracts have a contract value below $80k. This gives a bit more weight to the importance of something like the DCaaS MUL procurement process.
    • 98% of the services procured by the Government are sourced in Australia. This is great for Australian owned and operated cloud providers like Ninefold.

So.. if Government agencies have been mandated to move their public facing apps to the cloud – AND – there is the DCaaS procurement model available today that allows them to procure cloud services easily – AND – most projects fall within the majority budget-wise – then it could be that we have the perfect conditions right now to see the tide rise, to witness a tipping point in the ramp-up & adoption of Australian public cloud by federal & local government agencies.

Only time will tell, wouldn’t it be awesome!

One thing is for sure, Ninefold is working hard to make self service public cloud simple & intuitive across multiple secure Australian Data Centres, with global scale and infrastructure performance to energise the most demanding of applications. Not to mention our 24×7 local support team.

Written for Ninefold on 25/06/2013:


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