Governance As Code

You can’t escape the fact that we are truly entering into an age of a programmable and data-driven world. The journey to meld silicon capability into new materials and then connect all the things to the internet is accelerating; it’s affecting data centers, our homes, our cars, our watches, our clothes, our cities.  We will soon […]

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The Open Container Project

It’s incredible that we can order just about anything online, from anywhere in the world, and it gets delivered to our door in a matter of hours/days. There are two important aspects to the postal/courier industry that make this work: packaging (where does the item need to go) and logistics (how does the item get […]

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A Modern Cloud Platform

It’s time to start thinking differently about cloud. Watch this brief screencast to learn what a modern cloud platform looks like – and how operators and enterprises can get started today: In today’s Networked Society, software is emerging as the primary way for global enterprises to engage with their customers. Software, cloud, mobile and connected […]

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More than Hybrid Cloud

The sheer scale of Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona is staggering. Over the space of a week, I had the opportunity to meet with global CIO’s, CMO’s CTO’s and product execs to discuss the business drivers behind hybrid cloud, and in particular how operators are in a prime position to leverage the industrialization of […]

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the cloud debate

Wow, are we still debating whether to cloud or not to cloud for IT? I seem to continuously come across a vast array of marketing campaigns out there pushing the ‘why cloud’ message. And not targeted at mums or dads either. As I talk to service providers, operators and large enterprises around the globe, its […]

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Apps that are “of the cloud”

There’s a new wave of applications being built… Apps built “of the cloud”, not for the cloud, or on the cloud, but “of the cloud”. They are born with cloud. They depend less on underlying service levels or preset capacity or frequent deployment of changes attributed to agile development. Not that these items are any […]

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